This innovative device combines the thrill of boxing with advanced technology. It features a light rhythm that syncs with your punches, creating a dynamic and engaging workout experience. Hang it on your wall and test your speed and accuracy as you hit the target. Whether you're a boxing enthusiast or looking for a fun way to stay fit, this music boxing machine offers a unique and entertaining way to train and improve your skills.

- Material: Plastic
- Customizable: No

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44 cm
Bluetooth speaker included
Additional features
Fun interaction with smart sensor, flash hit point
Additional information
Shake your fist against the pressure of life and follow the rhythm of the music
Combination 1
Holder, boxing machine
Combination 2
Holder, boxing machine, thickened adult boxing gloves
Combination 3
Holder, boxing machine, thickened children boxing gloves
Combination 4
Holder, boxing machine, thickened adult boxing gloves, thickened children boxing gloves

Electronic intelligent music boxing machine, light rhythm music boxing machine, hanging heavy punch speed test wall target

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