The smart toilet with a water tank is designed to operate efficiently even under low water pressure conditions. It features intelligent automatic flushing, which ensures effective and thorough cleaning with minimal water usage. The built-in water tank provides a reliable water source, eliminating the need for high water pressure. 

- Material: PP board, ceramic
- Flush type: Vortex siphon

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Overall Height
45.5 cm
Overall Width
39 cm
Overall Length
70.3 cm
Flush volume
3.0 L- 6.0 L
Seat cover
Drainage method
Ground drainage
Remote control included
Additional features
Seat heating, automatic deodorization, remote control

A smart toilet with a water tank that can work at low water pressure, new light intelligent automatic flushing with water tank

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Product Reviews

9 Rating | 4 Comments
2023-04-17 13:50:02
better quality than i expected
Brian C. Owens
2023-07-28 11:50:51
This state-of-the-art feature This state-of-the-art feature detects when the toilet needs flushing, ensuring a hands-free and hygienic experience. It saves water by flushing only when necessary, contributing to water conservation efforts while maintaining a pristine and clean bowl
Maureen F. Hummer
2023-06-20 16:01:54
I am very satisfied. The water I am very satisfied. The water pressure at home is also low. The customer service recommended this toilet with a water tank.
Jennifer T. Davis
2023-06-12 10:29:57
The installation is complete a The installation is complete and the service is satisfactory
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